Heavy Duty Polaris P90X Primary Clutch Puller

Warpath Customs
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Puller fits all Polaris models using the P90X which is currently the 2022-Up Pro-R, 2020-24 RZR Pro XP/Turbo R, 2021 Turbo & Turbo S, & New Body Style 18+ Ranger's, 2019+ Ranger Crew Models & Ranger Single Cam Models This is only necessary if you are pulling off the inner sheave of the clutch as the outer sheave assembly slides off after primary bolt removal This heavy duty primary clutch puller makes removing the primary clutch easy. On P90X models you need to remove the primary clutch bolt, then remove the 6 bolt spring plate, then the black center post. You can then thread the puller into the crank. We normally use an impact to run the puller in and pop the clutch off. Having trouble removing your clutch? Try using grease on the threads and tip of the puller to allow it to spin further. If that does not work CAREFULLY pound on the end of the puller. After hitting the puller with a hammer, try threading the puller in further and repeat these steps. An impact gun might not be enough sometimes. If you don't see the puller spin after pounding on it and you are using an impact, move to the pry bar and breaker bar method. We have found most naturally aspirated models have few issues coming off, but the RZR XP Turbo can be stubborn. See instructions HERE Part number: 108-1019