Polaris Ranger/General 1000 Catch Can

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Catch can fits 2018-Up Ranger XP 1000 (New Body Style), 2016-Up General 1000 and 2020-Up General XP 1000 models. **Picture shows prototype catch can with 2" filter. Standard production catch can utilizes a 1" filter** Our Ranger/General catch can is a must-have for those turning up the boost with a turbocharger kit! When boost pressure increases, so does crank case pressure. The extra boost also increases the airflow in your intake tube, and creates a straw effect on the stock crank case vent (which is routed into the intake tube). Running oil through your turbo, charge tube, intercooler, and motor is not something ideal. This catch can eliminates that, and does a much better job than off the shelf catch cans. This catch can is fully welded with a 1" port and has a 1" air filter ID. A big problem with other catch cans is they use NTP or other fittings which have a really small ID, and very small air filter ID. This restricts flow which builds more crank case pressure... not good! Ranger's are notorious for soaking the air filter with oil due to excessive torque limits closing throttle at high loads which causes a rapid vacuum pulling oil out of the crankcase. A catch can eliminates the issue of the air filter being exposed to oil. We found the Ranger/General really likes to push oil out the crank case breather into the intake tract under boost. This catch can greatly reduces the amount of oil/fuel vapor found in your intake and is nearly a must-have modification for those with a turbo kit. Removes excessive oil vapor from your intake manifold Helps eliminate reduction of octane from excessive oil vapor in your intake during aggressive driving - when it matters most Helps reduce build-up of carbon on the pistons, valves, and combustion chamber We have found building too much pressure for long periods of time (sustained WOT runs on high boost) can push oil away from the bottom end and cause rod bearing failure. This happens mostly when racing or extremely aggressive riders holding it pinned without much down time for oil to go back to the bottom end. All welded construction & made in the USA! High flow 1" ID air filter ( Picture currently shows prototype with a 2" filter ) High flow welded aluminum port for maximum pressure relief 3" aluminum body will hold a large volume of oil Baffled design with fuel foam to prevent oil from splashing out of the can Easy installation and mounts securely on the back side of the cab (Next to the ECU on Ranger models). This can easily be mounted elsewhere if you have a bed delete or a custom setup. PN: 112-1051